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STRANGER THINGS 5 - Teaser Trailer (2024) Season 5 Netflix

Stranger Things 5 Teaser Trailer #StrangerThings If you’re still recovering from Season 4 of Stranger Things, have no fear: The Duffer Brothers already have a plan for when production on Season 5 will start. The creators of the series revealed that the writing for the fifth and final season of the hit horror-nostalgia series begins this August. Here's a short concept teaser trailer on what we have to come. Subscribe to Smasher for ALL NEW Trailers & Edits! Join the channel, become a member today!    / @smasher   *Follow me on Twitter: ​*Follow me on Instagram: *Like me on Facebook: Stranger Things 5 logo thumbnail art by Andrewvm, go follow for more great artwork! ______________ We probably have at least a year and a half, if not two years until the arrival of Stranger Things season 5, based on how the timeline of the seasonal releases have gone to date, and comments from the cast about what they’re expecting. So, ahead of 2024, we’re left to speculate about what might arrive in season 5, and a few recurring themes seem to be surfacing, partially based on things the Duffer Brothers have said, partially based on in-show clues. The theory is that all of this could be tied to Will, and the Upside Down is some sort of projection of a real-life D+D campaign of which he is the ultimate dungeon master, whether he realizes it or not. One idea is that if the gang returns to the Upside Down, and this time Will returns with them, he may discover he has immense power there, something that this psychic connection to Vecna only hints at. There’s also a tie-in fans have noticed that the red dragon Will drew in his artwork is the only other being in that D+D campaign more powerful than Vecna. The final episode of season 4 saw the death of Eddie Munson, who was introduced in the season four premiere. Eddie, played by Joseph Quinn, sacrificed himself to save Hawkins. According to countless tweets, fan theories and a petition, there is still more that the Hellfire Club's Dungeon Master has to offer. Eddie's revival, especially if he was used as a pawn of evil, could draw a satisfying twist in the series' final installment. And there are plenty of logical ways this return could play out. It's clear that Vecna enjoys utilizing emotional warfare against those opposing him. It's possible he could do the same but with a physical body as Eddie was left in the Upside Down after his death. Dungeons and Dragons Lore hints at another possibility with Vecna's lieutenant, a vampire named Kas the Bloody Handed, turning on him in an attempt to usurp his power. It can't be left unsaid that Eddie has a thing for bats as he has several tattoos of them, and was ultimately killed by a demonic horde of them. Needless to say, fans will have to wait until 2024 to see if any of these story possibilities are actually mined. #StrangerThings4 #StrangerThings5